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Ex-Soviet Weapon and Equipment Manufacturers

The Soviet War in Afghanistan

Soviet-era Weapons, Uniforms, and Equipment

The Soviet Military and Soviet Military Related



- The Red Alliance (Soviet, Russian and Eastern-bloc Themed Airsoft)


Uniform and Equipment Vendors

- Red Soldier (Uniforms and gear)

- Collect Russia (Original Soviet-era Uniforms)

- Russian Military and Outdoors (Soviet uniforms, gear, equipment and firearms accessories)

- Trident Militaria (Soviet uniforms)

- The Russian Store (Soviet uniforms)

- Front of Russia

- OMNI Resources (Soviet-era military maps. Afghanistan too!)

US Weapons Manufacturers and Part Suppliers Specializing in AKs

- Tantal's AK Site (Soviet AK parts and accessories)

- AK USA (Custom AK manufacterer)

- Marshall Arms (Custom AK manufacterer)

- K-VAR Corporation (AK parts, magazines and parts-kits)

- Ohio Rapid Fire (AK parts, magazines and parts-kits)

Cold War-era Reenactment and Living History Groups

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