Soviet 106th Guards Airborne Assault Troops (VDV) &
Soviet 35th Assault Landing Brigade (DShB)

Official unit of the Cold War and Alternative History Group

Intended to be a site for Cold War, Soviet Airborne reenacting, this site has now become a source for information on the Soviet Airborne from the mid-1970's to 1991. The site is still used for my reenacting unit, but I have stream-lined it so that the information section of the site is primarily accessable. You can access all the informative pages by clicking on the first five (topmost) buttons on the left. I am always updating and adding new information to the site and soon will be adding an "article" section. Thanks for visiting!
Updated May 20, 2017
May 20 - I am selling AK-47 & Kalashnikov Variations by Masami Tokoi. This is the holy grail of AK books. Please email me for details. $150.00

Feb. 2017 - was featured on an episode of Weaponology on the Military Channel about the Soviet/Russian Special Forces. Spetznaz veteran, Sonny Puzikas, who was featured on the program was interviewed here and spent some time off camera to share some personal stories with myself and the film crew. Great times!

Above: Soviet Airborne on exercises. Even though they would not wear their beret into combat, this photograph radiates the stereotypical look of the Soviet Airborne

To the left is an excerpt from "Twilight 2000." A game that puts you into the post-apocolyptic, nightmarish arena of what the world could have been like if the relations between NATO and the Warsaw Pact would have gone sour. Imagine the ability to reenact this situation and put yourself first hand into the battle...

The focus of this unit is to portray and reenact Cold War era conflicts (Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan) and "What-if" senarios ("Fulda Gap," The Invasion of Western Europe) from the late 1970's to an alternate "today" with a heavy emphasis on the Soviet Airborne Assault Troops (VDV). Our group strives to portray this as authentic and as highly accurate as possible.

We sponsor and take part in live weapon, blank fire reenactments and airsoft events. Public displays are also attended to educate and inform the general public of our impressions.

Our group is out of the Dallas/Fort Worh area and we recruit from the area.

Please go to the "Who Are We?" page to learn more about us.

If you are interested in joining the unit, the list of required items is listed here, on the Requirements page.