For information on any of the Uniforms, Weapons or Equipment listed here, please click on the corresponding links below this paragraph. It is very important that you learn as much about you can about your equipment. Knowledge is king!

Primary Impression List
This list contains the items that are required for your impression

- Beret

- "Afghanka" Boonie Cap

- Helmet (Ssh-68)

- 2-Piece Early or Late Tan Uniform

- Stripped Airborne Shirt

- TTsKO Camouflage 2-Piece Uniform (for European events)

- KLMK Camouflage Coveralls or KZS 2-Piece Suit

- Jump Boots or Jack Boots

- Belt and Belt Buckle

- AK/AKS-74 Magazine Pouch or 3-Celled Chestrig (ChiCom chestrig is allowed for Afghanistan events)

- Grenade Pouch

- Gas Mask Bag with Gas Mask

- Entrenching "E" Tool

- Mess Kit

- Canteen and Cover

- RD-54 Backpack

- Bed Roll

- AKS-74 (Live Weapon and Airsoft)

- AK-74 Bayonett

- 5x 5,45 mm AK Magazines (30 Rounds, Orange or Plum Bakelite)

- 5,45 Stripper Clip

- Oil Bottle

- 5,45 Rifle Cleaning Accessories

Secondary Impression List
This list contains the items that are not nessecarilly required but highly reccomended for your impression

- Sidecap

- "Ushanka" Fur Cap

- Jump Helmet

- Fragmentation Body Armor

- Chinese copy of "Adidas" Sneakers

- 1980's Civilian Clothing

- Leather Equipment Suspenders

- Canvas Drop Case for Weapon

Above: A standard VDV impression. Note that he is armed with the AKMS with PBS-1 suppressor. (during the 80's, this rifle was the Soviet's main workhorse for suppressed weapons). He wears the legendary symbol of the VDV; the blue beret! (Photo courtesy of unit member Camo,

Below: An impression of the DShB. Again, armed with an AKMS with a PBS-1 suppressor. Also, note that he is wearing the one-piece, KLMK coverals. Even though the DShB's main means of transportation was the helicoptrer, many carryovers of the airborne are present; the blue and white striped shirt for example. Even training for the DShB was the same as VDV training, including parachute jumps.(Photo courtesy of unit member Camo,