About Ron Volstad

I have had the honor to meet Ron Volstad in California during a business trip in 2003 and was able to talk with him for a bit. This gentleman is brilliant, very kind and overall awesome! I admit that the meeting with him was the highlight of my trip. I found an excellent background of Ron from the Royal Albert Museum. Examples of his art can be seen throughout my site. Hats off to you Ron!

"Ron Volstad was born in Claresholm in 1949 and has lived his whole life in Alberta. Drawing has been his favorite pastime from a very young age. His interest in military subjects began before he entered first grade when an uncle showed him his wartime photos and souvenirs from his service in the Calgary Highlanders."

"Although Ron was unable to take advantage of a scholarship to the Alberta College of Art, he continued to learn and developed an outstanding technique that was entirely self-taught. While working in pipeline construction for more than a dozen years, Ron continued to draw military subjects and illustrated a number of books. His illustrations were first published in 1973."

"Artwork became a full-time profession for Ron with an offer of illustration commissions in 1984 from a British firm called Osprey Publishing.Soon after, Ron began to provide research and box illustrations for Dragon Models Limited, a plastic model manufacturer based in Hong Kong. Relying primarily on his own reference library, Ron has illustrated more than 60 books and more than 200 model kit box tops."

"His personal interest is in 20th century military history, especially through the experiences of the individual combat soldier from whom he draws inspiration." (Text from www.royalalbertamuseum.ca)