"Imagine the ability to reenact this situation and put yourself first hand into the battle..."

The statement above is what drives anyone in any period to reenact. It is a desire or better yet, a passion to want to learn more about what they love in history. The Cold War and Alternative History Group reenacts senarios in the period between the late 1970's to an alternate "today." Our unit, the Soviet 106th Guards Airborne Assault Troops, or VDV (Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska), is the primary and host unit of the CW & AH organization. Our focus is to reenact Cold War era conflicts like the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and "What-if" senarios. "Fulda Gap" (The Invasion of Western Europe), "Crisis in Iran" and "Red Dawn" are examples of "What-if" senarios. Our group strives to portray this in the most authentic and highly accurate way possible.


Like many others who enjoys the tense, Regan-era, Cold War period history, games like "Operation Flashpoint" or "Twilight 2000" and movies such as "Red Dawn," this organisation was established to get a "hands-on" approach to actual history or very plausible senarios. Our unit does this by immersing ourselves in a Soviet Airborne or Air Mobile impression, using actual equipment and weaponry, living as they did for a short period of time and employing actual tactics used by Soviet forces. This gives you a perspective that reading history, playing games and watching movies will never acheve! In fact, you will come out with a better and richer appreciation for this era of history than you ever did before.

Our group sponsors and takes part in live weapon, blank-fire reenactments and airsoft. These are usually held on private or government properties. Public displays are also attended to educate and inform the general public of our impressions. Militaria shows, Army "Muster" Days and class lectures are examples of a "public display."

We portray two impressions depending on senario. They are Soviet 106th Guards Airborne Assault Troops (VDV - Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska) from Tula, Soviet Union and the Soviet 35th Air Assault Brigade (DShB - Desantoshturmovaya Brigada or assault landing brigade literally translated) from Cottbus, East Germany. Heliborne units are very similar to Airborne units with the exception being, Heliborne forces are delivered by helicopter rather than parachute. Our unit is approximately the size of a squad (10-12 men). We allow up to 18 members at a time to join up. This is done for several reasons. First, you have a better sense of comradery in smaller groups than in large groups. Therefore, the hobby is taken more seriously. Second, bigger units tend to fall apart due to their differences and politics. Usually, one half to two thirds of an entire unit's roster will show up to an event. Hence, why we have 18 members instead of 10-12 members in the unit. If there are any openings, it will be listed on the main page.

Click on the button above to learn more about the Soviet Airborne Assault Troops (VDV) and the Soviet Air Assault Troops (DShB).


Because we want to portray our impressions in the most accurate way possible, it is very important that you have everything needed to make your impression perfect. This hobby requires much from an individual in the form of effort and money. This unit does not tollerate a half-ass impression. If you do not want to put forth the effort, this is the wrong hobby and group for you.

Be prepared to pay $1600 to $2700 for your impression. This price includes your weapons. Because we do both live weapon, blank-fire reenacting and airsoft, you will be required to have 2 weapons (the type of firearm you are required to have is in the equipment list). Your firearms are where most of this grand expense goes to.

Due to the price of this impression and the relative inaccesabillity of items, we allow up to a year for an individual to get all their gear. When selecting your gear, please follow the equipment list and DO NOT deviate without prior permission from the unit commander. The point of the list is to first, make sure you have the proper items for the impression and period we portray and second, to save you money and headache of buying the wrong things. REMEMBER! I cannot stress this enough! The list is here to prevent you from obtaining the wrong items and you cannot use items that are incorrect for what we do. Thus, it would be a waste of money and time to get the wrong item. That is money and time you can use to get the correct item.

The list of required items for your impression is listed here, on the Requirements page.

For information on any of the Uniforms, Weapons or Equipment listed here, please click on the corresponding links below this paragraph.

Your personal appearance and your personal impression is a very important factor in our unit. When you appear at an event, it is crucial to show up to the encampment in your impression. All non-Soviet, non-era items are to be left in your vehicles (POV's). As for hair, you must have the correct hair style for the period. If you choose to have facial hair, it must be in the correct style of the period as well. Choose a Russian name that you want to be called as in the field. You will become that name for as long as the event is held. Also, please remember to follow the directions of your superiors without question and address your superiors as "Comrade *Enter Rank Here* " This is the way of the Soviet soldier. It is not required to learn or speak Russian but it would not hurt to use it when we could. When I re-enacted German, I learned and spoke German in the field. This adds to the overall dimension of realism.

If you have what it takes to take this hobby seriously, then your sound like the guy we're looking for!

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- We DO NOT allow political extemists at all in the group. This is a hobby!

- You MUST be at least 18 years of age to join this group. This is for liability reasons.

- You MUST be reasonably fit. You don't have to be Adonis but this hobby does demand some physical activity, sometimes demanding. You need to have a reasonable amount of fitness so you do not injure yourself.

- You MUST attend mandatory events (these will be posted on the main page and labeled as "mandatory"), any other event posted do not require mandatory attendance but is encouraged. You are allowed to miss 2 mandatory events a year. Attendance is key to a successful group!

- You MUST NOT have been charged and convicted of a Felony or currently being processed/ tried for a Felony.

- You MUST NOT have been charged with any sexual crimes (Misdemeanor or Felony), domestic crimes or currenty have a restraining order against you.

- You MUST be able to legaly own your own firearm. Any restricted firearm (i.e., Class 3, Curio & Relic and Destructive Device) must have their respective BATF paperwork with your person at all time. Illegal firearms are NOT ALLOWED AT ALL! This is a VERY serious matter and anyone in vioation of this will be IMMEDIATELY expelled from the group! No exceptions!